The Mill Project
Week 6 - CG Integration

This week has been very challenging, With the lack of parallax in the scene, I had to use many different methods to get the more accurate track.

After trying adding tracker, using software other than Nuke to stabilize and also help tracking. I finally got a good result with just 1.01 for the solve error.

However, there are problems that I didn’t predict when testing the pipeline. Which is the breaking of our particle effects and the correct alpha channel in Composure layers. The particle effects needs to interact with the environment to achieve the the good visual, which can be tricky when putting each objects in layers.

Unreal Engine’s Composure works very different from other compositing software, in order to composite images together, there needs to be layers created and assign them to different layer elements. Some of the glitch effects I was managed to cheat with putting a plane in the back, but there are other effects that are going to take time to adjust and troubleshoot.

Plan B!

Since we already have the CG blockouts in the scene, I began to put in lights and textures. So, if the live-action cg integration fails, we can still make a photorealistic cg version. I recreated the environment we used to shoot the live-action scene, in the following weeks I am going to continue refining the shot.