The Mill Project
Week 5 - Shooting the live action footage

This week has been the non stop preparation for the live action shoot. I worried that with the simple camera pan motion, it’s going to be hard to track, so I added the Slyder Dolly to try adding some more parallax. However, the Slyder Dolly seem to not be greased enough, so there ‘s a bit bumpiness in the footage. I’m hoping to remove it in either Nuke or Davinci Resolve.

Besides shooting the live action video, I also worked on adding more buildings in to the scene. After some testing with projection and composite the video in to Unreal, I realized that the outcome wasn’t what I expected, so I dropped the idea of keep on using traditional matte painting and project, but to add 3D assets in to the scene and only leaves the skyline matte painting image as the background behind the scene.

There’s also issues with the materials of the buildings, which thanks to my teammate, has been resolved.

Cityscape inspiration

I am using the Urban Japan streets as the concept to put in buildings.
Here’s the render testing before adding more lighting elements.