The Mill Project
Week 7 - Make it real!

This week is all about refining. There were problems such as faceted faces, and no ambient occlusion, bounce light etc. Besides using the live-action images we took 2 weeks ago, I also need to do some research and went to project setting and world setting to make some changes.

The faceted faces was an easy fix. After smoothed out the Xbox controller model, the only thing left was putting on right textures.

After that, in order to darken the shadows and enhance the ambient occlusion, I had to make sure I checked Generate Mesh Distance Field. Otherwise, the shadows originally were pretty light and didn’t have much contact shadows.

The last part besides lighting was adjusting the car textures. Since the car jumped from imaginary to reality, the materials of the car needs more adjusting on the roughness and texture details.

In the end, I am quite okay with the outcome so far, and can’t wait to hear the feedbacks from The MIll.