Petals & Flowers
From Frustration to Achievement in Just Two Weeks

In Petals & Flowers, as a 3D VFX and Digital Composition artist, I always strive to improve my skills and learn new techniques. When I was assigned the Mel Matrix project, I knew it was going to be a big challenge for me. I had never learned Mel scripting or any type of scripting before, and I had to create something using Mel code in just two weeks. However, I was determined to give it my best shot and see what I could achieve.

Key Features and Improvements

Despite my initial frustration, I managed to create something that I am really proud of. The Mel Matrix project allowed me to learn new skills and improve my understanding of Mel scripting. Here are some of the key features and improvements I achieved during this project:

1. Learning Mel Scripting

Even though I had never learned Mel scripting before, I was able to pick it up relatively quickly. Through this project, I gained a solid understanding of the basics of Mel scripting and how it can be used in 3D VFX and digital composition.

2. Creating Something from Scratch

Creating something from scratch is always a daunting task, but it was even more challenging for me since I had limited coding skills. However, by the end of the project, I was able to create my first flower using Mel code. This was a huge achievement for me and gave me a sense of pride in my work.

3. Pushing Myself Out of My Comfort Zone

This project pushed me out of my comfort zone and made me explore new techniques and approaches. By doing so, I was able to develop my skills and become a better artist.

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