Hy-Vee Commercial - September
Elevating the H House Sport Brand with Seamless VFX

As a 3D VFX and Digital Composition artist, I had the opportunity to collaborate with Hy-Vee and Hinge on the H House brand campaign for a new sport campaign. The project involved creating several spots that blended live-action talent on green screen with all-CG home interiors and exteriors. Our VFX team provided on-set supervision for the shoot and a live preview of the talent composited over CG environments using the Unreal Engine. In post-production, our team designed color-themed and bespoke CG rooms, backyards, and neighborhoods, created engaging VFX, and then seamlessly integrated live action into each shot.

Utilizing Unreal Engine for Real-Time Compositing

One of the key features of this project was our use of Unreal Engine to provide real-time previews of talent composited over CG environments on set. This allowed us to make immediate adjustments and ensure that the final product was seamless. Our team also used the engine to create the CG environments, which added depth and texture to the shots.

Designing Unique and Engaging CG Environments

Our team’s focus on designing color-themed and bespoke CG environments added a unique touch to the project. The rooms were designed to match the talent’s wardrobe, and we used various textures and lighting techniques to make them feel lived-in and realistic. The backyards were created to reflect the sport theme and add depth to the outdoor shots.

A Successful Collaboration

The H House brand sport campaign was a great success, and it was exciting to see the finished product on TV and online. Our collaboration with Hy-Vee and Hinge allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with VFX and digital composition. We’re proud of the work we accomplished and look forward to future opportunities to enhance brands with our expertise.