Niao Ramen
Bringing Culture and Flavors Together

As a 3D VFX artist, I had the opportunity to design a Japanese ramen restaurant called Niao Ramen. The design aimed to bring together Japanese culture and flavors in a modern and inviting atmosphere. Here are some key features and inspirations behind the design:

Niao Meaning and Symbolism

The name Niao (鳥) means “bird” in Chinese, which was chosen to represent the restaurant’s specialty chicken soup ramen. The chicken symbol was incorporated into the design to highlight this specialty and create a visual connection between the name and the food.

Japanese Flag Inspiration

The red and white background of the design was inspired by the Japanese flag. This color scheme was chosen to create a strong and recognizable visual identity for the restaurant. It also pays homage to the traditional colors of Japanese culture.

Warm and Cheerful Energy

The orange color used in the design was chosen to convey a warm and cheerful energy. This color is known to stimulate the appetite and create a welcoming atmosphere. It also complements the red and white color scheme and adds a pop of color to the overall design.

In conclusion, designing Niao Ramen was a unique and exciting project that allowed me to bring culture and flavors together in a modern and inviting way. The combination of the name, symbol, color scheme, and overall atmosphere of the design created a cohesive and memorable experience for customers.