My Little Nightmares
Short Version

Take a journey into the twisted imagination of a child with “My Little Nightmares,” a 3D animation short film by Victor Lin. Inspired by a Pixar workshop assignment on using toys to tell a story with limited frames, Victor brings his exceptional skills in directing, editing, storyboard, layout, rigging, animating, modeling, texturing, lighting, rendering, compositing, VFX, music, and sound editing to create an unforgettable experience.

From Workshop Assignment to Short Film

During the workshop, lecturer Scott Morse assigned the students to create a story using toys with limited frames. Victor’s work was well-received and he was lucky enough to present his work. The photos he took for the workshop served as inspiration for “My Little Nightmares,” his first 3D animation short film.

A Twisted World of Nightmares

In “My Little Nightmares,” the toys come to life in a terrifying way. They are no longer the friendly companions of childhood, but twisted and malevolent versions of themselves. The suspense builds as they creep closer and closer to the child’s bed, leading to a chilling climax that will leave the viewer on the edge of their seat.

Exceptional Skills in Animation and Design

With exceptional skills in 3D compositing, animation, and design, Victor has skillfully created a fully immersive world that transports the viewer into the dark and twisted imagination of a child. His attention to detail is remarkable, and the haunting sound effects and eerie music come together to make “My Little Nightmares” an unforgettable experience.

Join me on this journey into the darkness and be sure to follow for more captivating and chilling projects like “My Little Nightmares.”