Bringing the Tension to Life in a Single Image

In Destroyers, as a 3D VFX artist, I am always looking for ways to expand my skill set and explore new design mediums. In early 2018, I was inspired by the political tension between President Trump and Kim Jong-un during Trump’s Asia visit. I saw an opportunity to bring that tension to life in a single image and challenge myself to create a compelling poster design.

The result was “Destroyers,” a poster that captures the intensity and destruction that conflict can bring. With a bold and powerful composition, dramatic lighting and color effects, and strategic use of typography, “Destroyers” conveys a sense of danger and urgency that demands the viewer’s attention.

Key Features

  • Bold and powerful composition that conveys a sense of tension and danger
  • Dramatic lighting and color effects that enhance the emotional impact of the poster
  • Strategic use of typography to convey a clear message and capture the viewer’s attention


As with any design project, there is always room for improvement. Looking back on “Destroyers,” I can see areas where I could have pushed myself even further. Here are a few improvements I would make if I were to tackle a similar project again:

  • Adding more details and elements to the composition to make it more visually interesting and engaging
  • Refining the color palette to further enhance the intensity and drama of the poster