Lion Plaza (獅子林)
A Story of Memories and Hope

Experience the touching story of a woman discovering the legacy of her mother through the memories of her dress shop in “Lion Plaza”.

As a 3D artist, I had the opportunity to work on a senior project at Shih Hsin University that became an award-winning short film. “Lion Plaza” tells the story of Li-Hua, a woman who receives news of her mother’s death while attempting suicide. In order to prepare for her mother’s funeral, Li-Hua must confront the memories of her mother’s dress shop at the “Lion Plaza”, a place she has not been to in many years.

Through Li-Hua’s journey, the audience is taken on a touching exploration of the legacy left behind by her mother. The film captures the essence of the red envelope club, where Li-Hua’s mother used to work, and the memories that gradually emerge as Li-Hua goes through her mother’s belongings.

Key Features and Improvements

“Lion Plaza” is a 25-minute short film that explores themes of loss, legacy, and the power of memory. The film’s unique approach to storytelling allows the audience to experience Li-Hua’s journey in a deeply personal and emotional way. The visuals and sound design are expertly crafted to immerse the audience in the world of the film and bring the story to life.

If you’re looking for a heartfelt and emotional short film that explores the power of memory and legacy, “Lion Plaza” is a must-see.
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