The Room: New & Old
Breathing Life into the Forgotten

In this project, I, Victor Lin, aimed to explore the art of visual storytelling by demonstrating the passage of time through decay and deterioration. The challenge was to convert a perfectly fine 3D Victorian room into a space showing signs of rust, dust, and years of abandonment.

Tools and Resources

To create this stunning transformation, I used industry-standard tools such as Substance Painter, Photoshop, and Maya. The models and textures used in the project were sourced from TurboSquid and Quixel, enabling me to focus on the creative aspect of the project.

The Process and Final Result

The process involved meticulous attention to detail, layering, and texturing to create an authentic representation of decades of decay. Follow me to uncover the secrets behind this transformation and to explore more of my captivating projects in VFX and digital composition.

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Left ImageRight Image
Left ImageRight Image