Forest Compositing
Crafting immersive realities, one frame at a time

As an artist, I’ve always been passionate about creating visually stunning experiences. Through my journey, I’ve had the pleasure of working on numerous projects that have challenged and inspired me. In this article, I’ll share some of my recent work, highlighting key features and improvements I’ve made along the way.

Compositing: Merging Realities

One of my recent projects is a showcase of my learnings from Rebelway’s compositing class. This piece involved merging two footages – one featuring a plain forest with camera movement, and the other with a man in the shot, but no camera movement. My goal was to seamlessly combine these elements while also cleaning up the background to remove any visible buildings.

Left ImageRight Image

Color Grading: Setting the Mood

To enhance the visuals and create a consistent atmosphere throughout the scene, I focused on compositing and color grading. By carefully adjusting the colors and light, I achieved a harmonious balance that brings the final piece to life. This process involved meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every frame contributed to the overall mood of the composition.

Left ImageRight Image

Lessons Learned and Future Endeavors

This project has taught me valuable lessons about the intricacies of compositing and color grading, as well as the importance of patience and perseverance in refining my skills. I’m excited to continue my journey and invite you to follow me as I explore new techniques and take on challenging projects in the world of 3D VFX and Digital Composition.