Hy-Vee Commercial - December
A Festive Collaboration for the H House Brand

As a 3D VFX and Digital Composition artist, I had the pleasure of working with Hy-Vee and Hinge on a festive Christmas campaign for the H House brand. The project involved creating several spots that blended live-action talent on green screen with all-CG home interiors and exteriors. Our VFX team provided on-set supervision for the shoot and a live preview of the talent composited over CG environments using the Unreal Engine. In post-production, we designed bespoke CG rooms, backyards, and neighborhoods, created enchanting VFX, and then seamlessly integrated live action into each shot.

Creating a Whimsical and Festive Atmosphere

Our team’s focus on creating a whimsical and festive atmosphere was a key feature of this project. We designed the CG environments to reflect the holiday season, with warm lighting, textures, and decorations, adding depth and texture to the shots. The backyards were created to reflect the winter season, with snow-covered lawns and Christmas lights creating a magical atmosphere.

Leveraging the Unreal Engine for Real-Time Compositing

Our use of the Unreal Engine allowed us to provide real-time previews of talent composited over CG environments on set. This allowed us to make immediate adjustments and ensure that the final product was seamless. The engine was also used to create the CG environments, adding depth and texture to the shots.

A Successful Collaboration to Spread the Christmas Cheer

The Hy-Vee Christmas campaign for the H House brand was a successful collaboration that allowed us to push the boundaries of what’s possible with VFX and digital composition. We were thrilled to contribute to spreading the Christmas cheer through our work and bring a touch of magic to the holiday season.