The Mill Project
Week 1 - Project Kickoff

Concept sketch created by Gift Kerdlapee

This is a team project which we will be collaborating with The Mill. For the first week on this project, students were assigned to five different groups. My team is the only group that’s going to work mainly in the Unreal Engine. 4 of us have different skill sets, from Blueprinting in Unreal to compositing. We initially were being called the “Unreal” team, but in the end we came to an agreement that we’re to be called “Speed Ra(y)cers.”

Concept sketch created by Vivi Kang


The purpose of the project is to indicate that the evolution of games tends realism. As many video games demonstrate incredible realistic styles, and we want to show the possibility of the integration of games and reality with a car chase sequence. We also want to convey an intense scene with adrenaline.


The viewer choses the car’s color before it shoots into a futuristic tunnel being chased and shot at by drones. The car then jumps a ramp and disappears. It reappears on a person’s desk, with the computer screen behind it reading “Game Over”.

Since we are doing a scifi/futuristic scene, we want to use the blue and purple tone for the shots in the video game world, and the car will be drive on a highway.


Previsualization animation done by Victor Lin, effects animation done by Jessica Teague.

Since I will be in charge of the compositing of this project, I’m excited about doing the live-action integration of the scene which the car makes the jump and then transition to a real-life environment. I will be shooting the desktop scene and also in charge of the cityscape matte painting.

For the matte painting part, I was inspired by the Midgar city from Final Fantasy VII. I will put some tall and modern skyscrapers at the far background, and more industrial structures for the midground. and will add a big moon behind to add more scifi feels to it.

We will be using a Bugatti Veyron to be the main car in the scene, it fits the scifi and futuristic vibe that we are pursuing.